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There are four categories of membership for the society:-

  1. Patrons, who will be honorary members
  2. Full members who will be performing members or part of the production team
  3. Associate members who will be otherwise willing to assist the society
  4. Junior members under the age of 17 or full time students.

The membership fees agreed at the AGM in September 2019 are:-
     Full members   75.00
     Junior Members   25.00
     Associate Members   10.00

A minimum of 50% of Full Membership to be paid by the third week of rehearsals and the balance by 1st December. Non-members auditioning to pay an Associate Member fee and the balance of Full Membership by 1st December, if continuing.

Markinch Amateur Operatic Society have pleasure in inviting you to become a Patron. Your subscription of 10 (or more) entitles you to advance publicity of the show plus Priority Booking.

To the Society your patronage means a valuable source of financial support which is vital to meet the continually rising costs of staging the best in musical entertainment.

If you are interested in becoming a Patron of the Society, don't delay. Please contact the Secretary at the address below.

We look forward to the pleasure of your patronage for our 2024 production

"The Producers"

Please contact our Secretary, Janice Wilkie, at this address:-

      The Secretary, M.A.O.S.,
      67 King Edward Street
      Fife, KY7 6AW

      Telephone:-  07731 432553

      Email:-  secretary@maos.org.uk

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