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25th to 29th March 1997, Town Hall, Markinch.

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John Gray



Musical Director

Kenneth Horton




Valda Wicks

The Story

The village of Brigadoon vanished into the Highland mists two hundred years ago. By chance, Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas, American Tourists, happen upon it on the one day each century that this village reappears.

Fiona McKeith and Meg Brockie show these two travellers typical Scottish hospitality. They are even invited to the wedding of Fiona's sister Jean and Charlie Cameron. The groom however, has a rival in Harry Ritchie who has long been in love with Jean despite the fond attentions of his devoted admirer Maggie Abernethy.

Tormented by jealousy, Harry disrupts the celebrations and more seriously, threatens the existence of Brigadoon by attempting to leave the village, thereby breaking the spell forever.

Not surprisingly, Tommy and Jeff are puzzled and deeply affected by this village and its inhabitants. But it all ends happily - "for if ye love someone deeply, anythin' is possible - even miracles".

The Cast


Tommy Albright

Glen McGill

Jeff Douglas

Ian McDonald

Donald Ritchie

Andy Dera

Harry Ritchie

Mark Clark


Audrey Westwater

Agnes MacMonies

Janice Mitchell


Valerie Wallace

Andrew MacKeith

Ian G. Thomson

Fiona MacKeith

Karen Skene

Jean MacKeith

Laura Patterson

Meg Brockie

Louise Ramsay

Charlie Cameron

Iain McKenzie

Maggie Abernethy

Nicola Luke

Mr Murdock

John Marshall

Sword Dancers

Mischa Dodds &
Sarah Thomson

Shona Cameron

Janine Hardie


Jim Liddell


Sandy Imrie


David Duffy

Jane Ashton

Louise Short

The Company

Men:- Mark Clark, Andy Dera, David Duffy, Sandy Imrie, Jim Liddell, John Marshall, Ian McDonald, Glen McGill, Iain McKenzie, Ian G Thomson, Andrew Shepphard.

Ladies:- Louise Davidson, Kerry Graham, Ismay Hanvey, Janine Hardie, Elspeth Hay, Louise King, Isabel Liddell, Mona Malcolm, Pauline Malnaves, Margaret Mason, Nan May, Joanne McKenzie, Janice Mitchell, Catherine Murray, Linda Nash, Jessie Penman, Louise Ramsay, Lindsey Reid, Karen Ritchie, Freda Rodger, Louise Short, Karen Skene, Julie Stirling, Helen Waddell, Valerie Wallace, Audrey Westwater.

Dancers:- Carolyn Bean, Mischa Dodds, Laura Edwards, Nicola Luke, Laura Patterson, Jennifer Singer, Laura Thomson, Sarah Thomson.

Non Playing Members:- Lorraine Birrell, Maureen Dow, Alison Gibson, Hannah G Houston, Annie Millar, Mrs E. Thomson, Nessie Wilkie.

Show Review, taken from NODA Scotland News

"This was certainly one of the best productions I have seen at Markinch. It was imaginatively staged and flowed well. As always, Harry Fairbairn's set designs were a joy to look at. The young orchestra played exceptionally well, providing a fine backing to the talented company.

I could easily mention all the principals but in particular, Glen McGill made a convincing Tommy, singing and acting extremely well. Ian McDonald made the most of comic opportunities as Jeff. Karen Skene was a lovely Fiona - she sang beautifully and had a most attractive Scottish accent. Louise Ramsay was a wonderful Meg, wringing every last ounce of comedy with her facial expressions. John Marshall was an imposing and convincing Mr Murdoch.

The chorus work was of a high order and I have seldom heard the company sing better. An excellent evening's entertainment."

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