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24th to 28th March 1998, Town Hall, Markinch.

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John Gray



Musical Director

Kenneth Horton




Valda Wicks

The Story

The action takes place on the SS. AMERICAN, sailing from New York to England. On board are the beautiful American heiress Hope Harcourt, her English fiancÚ Sir Evelyn Oakleigh and Hope's mother. Stowing away on board is Billy Crocker, a young admirer of Hope's who can't believe she would really marry Sir Evelyn and determines to try and stop her.

Moonface Martin (Public Enemy No. 13), with his moll Erma, is also along for the ride and he gives Billy the passport and ticket of a gangster friend of his who didn't catch the boat. This leads to unwelcome complications for Billy as he and Moonface have to keep changing disguises to avoid arrest.

Keeping the steam at boiling point in the ship's engine room and elsewhere on the ship, is sexy, incandescent Reno Sweeney, ex-evangelist and currently night club singer. With her help, all the shipboard disasters are averted and all the romances sorted out - including her own.

The Cast


Reno Sweeney

Joanne Gray

Hope Harcourt

Jennifer Singer

Evangeline Harcourt

Janine Hardie

Lord Evelyn Oakleigh

Ian McDonald

Elisha Whitney

Iain McKenzie

Billy Crocker

Glen McGill

Moonface Martin

John Marshall


Louise Ramsay


Adam Riach &
Jackson London Williams


Louise Davidson


John Sinski


Ralph Rigden


Neil Easton

Cheeky (Dog)


The Cast  of Anything Goes

The Company

Men:- Neil Easton, John Marshall, Ian McDonald, Glen McGill, Iain McKenzie, Adam Riach, Ralph Rigden, John Sinski.

Sailors:- Mark Clark, David Hall, Louise King, Jim Liddell, Laura Paterson, Andrew Sheppard, Ian G. Thomson.

Ladies:- Louise Davidson, Joanne Gray, Ismay Hanvey, Janine Hardie, Elspeth Hay, Linda Kane, Isabel Liddell, Mona Malcolm, Margaret Mason, Nan May, Fiona MacDonald, Elaine McGlone, Janice Mitchell, Catherine Murray, Jessie Penman, Louise Ramsay, Freda Rodger, Louise Short, Jennifer Singer, Karen Skene, Helen Waddell, Audrey Westwater.

Dancers:- Carolyn Bean, Kimberley Collier, Mischa Dodds, Nicola Luke.

Angels:- Kerry Graham, Julie Stirling, Joanna Thomson, Valerie Wallace.

Children:- Taylor London-Williams, Jackson London-Williams, Kirsty Luke, Stevanie Manson.

Non Playing Members:- Lorraine Birrell, Maureen Dow, Hannah G Houston, Annie Millar, Linda Nash, Mrs E. Thomson, Nessie Wilkie.

Show Review, taken from NODA Scotland News

"Markinch A.O.S. certainly did justice to this show with some excellent principal performances. Joanne Gray made a fine Reno. She used her strong singing voice to sell every song she sung. Glen McGill, also blessed with a fine voice, handled the part of Billy well.

Ian McDonald took on the part of Sir Evelyn and made the most of the comic opportunities. John Marshall gave a spirited, larger than life portrayal of Moonface Martin, while Louise Ramsay gave an unforgettable cameo performance as Erma.

The cleverly designed and beautifully painted sets moved effortlessly as always creating a tremendous illusion of space on the tiny Markinch Town Hall stage.

The company were supported by a fine orchestra who produced a memorable sound. Full credit to the sound engineer - I could not fault his mixing - every word was heard clearly."

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