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21st to 25th March 2000, Town Hall, Markinch.

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Kiss Me Kate programme cover


John Gray



Musical Director

Dennis Webster




Valda Wicks

The Story

A travelling theatre company has arrived at the Ford Theatre in Baltimore in the hot summer of 1948. Their production of "The Shrew" is a musical version of Shakespeare's famous comedy. Using the classic technique of the play within a play, Cole Porter gives an insight into the backstage conflicts and romances cleverly linked with the situations portrayed in their production.

Fred Graham, the financially challenged Producer of this struggling group, is having problems with his leading lady, who happens to be his ex-wife, Lilli Vannessi. She has become more famous and successful, but is still jelous of Fred's relationship with attractive young Lois. She, in turn, is besotted by Bill Calhoun, a charming, talented loser. In true musical comedy tradition complications arise, but all end happily.

The Cast


Fred Graham

Glen McGill

Harry Trevor

David Smith

Lois Lane

Karen Skene

Ralph (Stage Manager)

Ryan Wallace

Lilli Vanessi

Linda Ballingall


Janine Hardie

Stage Doorman

Don McInally

Bill Calhoun

Gary Gibb

First Gangster

John Marshall

Second gangster

Ian McDonald


David Hunter


Susan McMillan

Harrison Howell

David Page



"Taming Of The Shrew" Players

Bianca (Lois Lane)

Karen Skene

Baptista (Harry Trevor)

David Smith

Gremio (First Suitor)

Ian Thomson

Hortensio (Second Suitor)

David Hunter

Lucentio (Bill Calhoun)

Gary Gibb

Katharine (Lilli Vanessi)

Linda Ballingall

Petruchio (Fred Graham)

Glen McGill


Elaine Groves

The Company

Men:- Gary Gibb, Dave Hall, David Hunter, Ian McDonald, Glen McGill, Don McInally, John Marshall, David Page, David Smith, Jack Spears, Ian Thomson, Ryan Wallace.

Ladies:- Linda Ballingall, Kellie Bissett, Kerry Graham, Elaine Groves, Ismay Hanvey, Janine Hardie, Elspeth Hay, Stacey Harley, Elaine Hughes, Linda Kane, Isabel Liddell, Susan McMillan, Mona Malcolm, Margaret Mason, Nan May, Lorraine Ritchie, Karen Skene, Julie Stirling, Helen Waddell, Audrey Westwater.

Dancers:- Carolyn Bean, Kimberley Collier, Mischa Dodds, Hayley McDonald, Lindsay McDonald, Joanna Thomson.

Non Playing Members:- Louise Davidson, Elsie Kirk, Louise King, Catherine Murray, Lindsay Reid, Janice Taylor.

The cast of Kiss Me Kate

The Company, before the dress rehearsal

Lucentio, Bianca and Katherine

Katherine (Linda Ballingall) keeping a watchful eye on Lucentio (Gary Gibb) and Bianca (Karen Skene)

Taming The Shrew

Petruchio (Glen McGill) trying to tame the 'Shrew' (Linda Ballingall)

Show Review, taken from NODA Scotland News

"This was a relaxed and nicely paced production. The part of Lilli was in the capable hands of Linda Ballingall who handled the role admirably, never overplaying and always a perfect foil to Glen McGill's Fred. Glen has a beautiful speaking and singing voice which he used to great effect. Both leads were very relaxed and clearly working well together. I felt they handled their asides particularly well..

Karen Skene gave a lively performance as Lois making "Always True To You In My Fashion" a particulary memorable number. Garry Gibb was convincing as Bill Calhoun. He, David Hunter and Susan McMillan performed a memorable "Too Darn Hot" number.

Costumes and sets were very effective and the orchestra, despite the small hall, never intruded, providing an excellent backing."

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