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23rd to 27th March 1999, Town Hall, Markinch.

Viva Mexico logo
Viva Mexico programme cover


John Gray



Musical Director

Kenneth Horton




Valda Wicks

The Story

El Rancho Grande, run by Mama Inez, is the haunt of patriotic Mexican bandits led by a locally popular hero known as Zorro. In order to finance a revolution against the tyrant dictator, these bandits rob passing travellers. This is very frustrating for the local police, especially Captain Lopez.

The arrival of US Senator Vanders and his daughter Lucille at the same time as a visit from Mendosa, the bandit chief, that brings mayhem and mischief, love and betrayal. The day is saved by the intervention of two rather foolish ranch hands, Pablo and Pepe and all ends happily ever after.

The Cast



Julie Herd


Louise Davidson

Mama Inez

Janice Mitchell


Julie Stirling


Janine Hardy


Catherine Murray


Gary Gibb


Chris Wilson


Bill Marshall


Jock Marshall


Ian McDonald


Ralph Rigden


Glen McGill

The Company

Men:- Gary Gibb, Bill Marshall, Jock Marshall, Glen McGill, Ian McDonald, Adam Riach, Ralph Rigden, Ian Thomson, Ryan Wallace, Chris Wilson.

Ladies:- Louise Davidson, Elaine Groves, Janine Hardy, Elspeth Hay, Julie Herd, Louise King, Mona Malcolm, Margaret Mason, Nan May, Janice Mitchell, Catherine Murray, Lindsay McDonald, Louise Short, Karen Skene, Julie Stirling, Tayler London-Williams, Helen Waddell, Audrey Westwater.

Dancers:- Carolyn Bean, Kimberley Collier, Mischa Dodds, Joanne Gibson, Hayley McDonald, Joanna Thomson.

Non-Playing Members:- Mark Clark, Andy Dera, Dave Hall, Ismay Hanvey, Nicola Luke, Fiona McDonald, Elaine McGlone, Mae Miller, Sheilagh Stark, Valerie Wallace.

Show Review, taken from NODA Scotland News

"Despite many of the company having to drop out of the show because of illness and other reasons, Markinch A.O.S. still managed to present a very creditable production of "Viva Mexico!". Gary Gibb made a good debut as Ramon with Janice Mitchell an experienced Mama Inez. Jock Marshall and Ian McDonald made the most of all the comic opportunities their parts presented while Bill Marshall gave a thoroughly convincing portrayal of Lopez. He hit just the right level of menace. Glen McGill made a memorable Mendoza, obviously thoroughly enjoying himself, as did the audience. Youngsters Louise Davidson and Chris Wilson made a good impact as Lucille and Bernardo.

Special mention to the police band. It was good to see the experienced members of the Tullis Russell Brass Band entering into the spirit of the show so enthusiastically. Good costuming, attractive sets and a strong orchestra enhanced the production."

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