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20th to 24th March 2001, Town Hall, Markinch.

South Pacific programme cover South Pacific logo


John Gray



Musical Director

Peter Robinson




Valda Wicks

The Story

When first performed - nearly fifty years ago - the theme of the show was thought to be very controversial, dealing as it does with relationships between people of different races and backgrounds.

Emile de Beque, a French planter, falls in love with Nellie Forbush, an unsophisticated girl from "the sticks", and while she returns his love, she is horrified when she is told that he has two mixed race children from a relationship he had with a Polynesian woman, now dead. Also running through the story is a second love theme, that of the American officer, Joe Cable, who falls in love with the young native girl, Liat, contrary to everything he has been brought up to believe in.

The background for the two love stories is the Second World War being fought grimly in the South Seas, and the involvement of Emile in Lt. Cable's special mission to spy on Japanese ship movements becomes tense and dramatic. Set against this are the assorted, colourful and amusing characters of the "Seabees" - the American sailors, led by Billis, who, with the assistance of Bloody Mary, a local Tonkinese trader, runs a healthy black market in shrunken heads and souvenirs.

The songs are woven into the fabric of the story. Nellie the "Cockeyed Optimist" falls in love with Emile, only to be disillusioned when told about his children - "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair" . The sailors, girl-hungry and longing for home - "Nothing Like a Dame" . Bloody Mary singing of the beauties of a nearby island in "Bali Ha'i" . Cable describing how he feels about Liat - "Younger Than Springtime" , and of course, Emile putting into song his feelings when he saw Nellie for the first time in "Some Enchanted Evening".

The Cast


Ensign Nellie Forbush

Andrea Nowicki

Emile de Beque

Glen McGill


Katie Wallace  &
Vikki Fallow


Katherine Skene  &
Natalie Page


John Sinski

Bloody Mary

Margaret Drummond


Susan McMillan

Luther Billis

Ian McDonald

Lt Joseph Cable

Gary Gibb

Capt. George Brackett

Jock Marshall

Cmdr. William Harbison

David Smith

Lt. Buzz Adams

Chris Wilson


Ryan Wallace


Don McInally

Yeoman Quale

Elaine Hughes




The Company

Men:- Gary Gibb, Dave Hall, David Hunter, Ian McDonald, Glen McGill, Don McInally, David McKenzie, Jock Marshall, David Page, John Sinski, David Smith, Jack Spears, Ian Thomson, Ryan Wallace, Chris Wilson.

Ladies:- Elaine Barlow, Lorna Craig, Margaret Drummond, Elaine Groves, Ismay Hanvey, Janine Hardie, Elspeth Hay, Elaine Hughes, Linda Kane, Isabel Liddell, Margo McKay, Susan McMillan, Mona Malcolm, Nan May, Andrea Nowicki, Sheila Singer, Karen Skene, Julie Stirling, Janice Taylor, Helen Waddell, Audrey Westwater.

Children:- Katie Wallace, Vikki Fallow, Katherine Skene, Natalie Page

Dancers:- Carolyn Bean, Emma Louise Bernard, Denise Clark, Nicola Luke, Linsay McDonald, Kirsty McNaughton, Joanna Thomson, Fiona Wilson.

The cast of South Pacific
Some Enchanted Evening

The Company, before the dress rehearsal

Glen McGill as Emile and Andrea Nowicki as Nellie

I'm gonna wash that man...

"I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair"

Bali Ha'i

Margaret Drummond as Bloody Mary with the native girls on "Bali Ha'i"

The Thanksgiving Follies

Stewpot, Billis and the Professor perform at the Thanksgiving Follies

Show Review, taken from NODA Scotland News

"I found this a very entertaining production. Glen McGill played the role of Emile very gently and believably, against the strong Nellie of Andrea Nowicki. Both sang extremely well. Gary Gibb was well cast as Cable, the enthusiastic young Lieutenant. He, too, sang well, and made a very believable pairing with Susan McMillan as Liat. Margaret Drummond took on the role of Bloody Mary, again performing her numbers well.

 I particularly enjoyed the duo of Jock Marshall and David Smith as Captain Brackett and Commander Harbison. Their portrayal was original and entertaining, with David being very reminiscent of Sgt. Wilson in "Dad's Army".

Peter Robinson ensured that the chorus singing was completely on target and the under-dialogue music never obtrusive.

Set design was once again in the capable hands of Harry Fairbairn. He and the hard-working stage crew must be justifiably proud of their achievement."

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